Activities Nearby

Embassy Cinema

The Embassy Cinema is a unique location in Valletta offering the latest films and big screen entertainment in an exclusive boutique setting within the hotel premises. With 6 cinema theatres and a wide-selection of bar items, the Embassy Cinema is the new trendy, comfy and exclusive attraction for all cinemagoers and for anyone who is looking for a fun and relaxing activity in Valletta.

Valletta Food Tour

Through the language of food you will be told all the stories behind the Maltese capital city, its buildings, its culture and events and top of all its people who are a melting pot of various civilizations as is the food eaten by the locals a fusion of the same influences.
What do coffee and revolts have in common?
How was Carnival a controversial matter?
This will be the most amazing experience of Valletta you will get while trying different foods and drinks of these islands whether the traditional stuff or the more contemporary things.

The Traditional Harbour Tour

Experience Valletta and the Three Cities by sea and learn about their rich and storied past with this cruise. You’ll pass by forts and battlements while your guide provides onboard commentary covering centuries’ worth of history, and refreshments are available for purchase on board should you feel like having a drink or a snack.